Description DP7 - Power 7 diesel engine cleaner


DP7 - Power 7 diesel engine cleaner

Power 7 diesel engine cleaner. Complete cleaning of injection, intake, DPF, catalyst, valves, EGR and turbo.

Thoroughly cleans essential engine components

Improves engine performance

Reduces exhaust smoke emissions


The DP7 is a comprehensive fuel system cleaner specifically designed for diesel engines. It performs a set of 7 targeted actions on various essential components, including injectors, fuel system, catalytic converter, particulate filter, turbocharger, EGR valve, and combustion chamber. It carries out a thorough cleaning, provides long-lasting protection, and restores the proper functioning of these parts, securing optimal performance. The DP7 reduces exhaust smoke emissions and enhances engine performance, leading to a reduction in fuel consumption.

> A dose of 1L for a tank filling of 50 to 70L of diesel. Treatment recommended once a year or every 15 000 km.

Net Vol. : 1 L

Ref. : MT017 - Box of 12 doses

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