Description Dégrippant MU


Dégrippant MU

MULTI-PURPOSE PENETRATING OIL WATER-REPELLENT RUST RELEASE AGENT Multi-uses penetrating Spray. Releases, lubricates, removes water, cleans and protects. Compatible with the majority of the plastics and paintings. Mechanics (releasing, degreasing…). Body (tar and resin removal). Electro-mechanics (cleaning of the contacts)


Allows easy disassembly and protects against corrosion. Very low surface tension, allows unseizing of oxidized and stuck parts. Water repellent, restores electrical contacts and can be used on damp parts. Clean, colorless, without silicones, no chlorinated solvents or acids. Compatible with plastics, paints and elastomers... > For unseizing of rusted and stuck parts. For degreasing chains and bearings, removal of tar and cleaning of bodywork and chassis, cleaning of tensionless electrical contacts. Shake well before use. Aerosol can be used in all positions. Spray on the parts to be cleaned, works fast.

407012 : Box of 12 sprays (650/400 ml)

807005 : Can of 5 liters

807030 : Drum of 30 liters

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