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TC FAP Workshop

Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) cleaner for workshop use (previously ref MT558). New detergency and stabilization formula, the technology is improved and more efficient, especially with gasoils with a high Biodiesel content (B30/ B100, etc.).


Quickly cleans and restores proper operation of the particulate filter. Eliminates operating in safety mode, the lags in acceleration and other malfunctions due to injection system and or clogging of the DPF. Restores a regular mist cone, an optimum operation of the engine and a normal fuel consumption. Prolongs the life of the particulate filter and catalysts. Fosters cleaning of valves, piston rings, turbo and EGR valve.

INSTRUCTIONS : Consult the technical data sheet on our web site Product pure and undiluted use our Injection Machine. Dose of 1 liter suitable for the treatment of passenger car engine to 3 liter displacement. For truck, engines use 2-3 doses. For optimal results, use a dose of Diesel preventif treatment TC1 article number MT010 (200 mL) or 131001 (1 L).

Ref. MT758 : can of 1L (box of 12 cans)

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