Intake Cleaner : injection system cleaning equipment for DIESEL/PETROL/DPF MécaTech®


PROBLEM : Contamination of the intake circuit (throttle body, valves, intake manifold) and of the gas recirculation circuit (EGR valve, exchanger) of the turbo and the combustion chambers. Power loss that can lead to degraded operation.

MécaTech® offers a fast, efficient and safe solution for engine, DPF and catalyst components. Product to be used for the intake circuit cleaning procedure:

• 1 dose of 600 ml of MT551

• kit ref. MT422: Inlet Cleaner

Cleaning the intake system - thanks to the development of a special spray head to be connected directly to the inlet of the air filter hose. The injection and EGR cleaning operations can be launched at the same time, allowing two depollution operations to be carried out at once for a complete cleaning of the engine. To treat the intake system, use the Admission / Intake EGR TURBO MT551 cleaning treatment (New in 2019) - usable in MT424 and MT422 equipment (600 ml format - box of 12). Pour the 600 ml of MécaTech® treatment into the equipment tank.

GUARANTEE: the Intake Cleaner kit is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. Commercially, MécaTech® will provide a lifetime warranty for this equipment to all customers who regularly use the EGR Treatment product for Intake Cleaner.


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