Description GDA® PL



GDA® Oil treatment anti wear/anti friction.

Création d'un film lubrifiant

Réduction de la température de fonctionnement

Diminution de l'usure et des risques de grippage


Multi-purpose: Gasoline and Diesel Engines - 2 and 4-stroke, Gear boxes; axels; power steering circuits - hydraulic systems. Creates a very strong lubricating film. Improves the EP characteristics of oils. Smoother and quieter operation. Reduces the wear and the risks of seizing at high rpm and under a heavy load. ENGINES : Dosage 1 or 2 % i.e. 0.5 to 1 L for 50 L motor oil. GEAR BOXES, AXELS : Dosage 2 to 4 % i.e. 0.5 to 1 L for 25 L motor oil. Compatible with all types of oils (mineral and synthetic with the exception of graphitized oils). Poor the dose into the oil at the normal operating temperature, oil and leave idle for 15 min. Do not use in automatic transmissions or on engines with SCR and DPF pollution control devices.

cont. 1 liter Art # 101001 Box of 12

can of 5 liters : Art # 101005

barrel of 30 liters : Art # 101030

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