Description Disinfecting Cleaner Spray TCC


Disinfecting Cleaner Spray TCC

Cleaner Disinfectant - All surfaces.


Eliminates bacteria, fungi and the coronavirus that may cause bad smell, allergic reaction and contamination.
TCC vrac allows to clean and disinfect all surfaces of the air-conditioning system (cars, small devices, domestic appliances…) and the surfaces of the car interior: evaporator, air intake and pipes, dashboard, steering wheel, doorknobs etc…
Cleans, disinfects, perfumes air conditioning and protects evaporator from corrosion.
Treatment adapted for cleaning and disinfection of all air conditioner and ventilation systems (passenger, industrial vehicles, ambulances, buses and trucks).
TCC is certified effective against the coronavirus (according to the protocol EN14476+A2). Use : PUR. Spray on the surfaces to be decontaminated. Let it work for a few minutes Wipe with a clean cloth or with paper towel (do not rinse).

Use biocidal products with caution. Before use, read the label and the product information.

MT225 : sprayer of 500 mL
925005 :can of 5 Liters
925020 : can of 20 Liters
925200 : drum of 200 Liters
925999 :tank of 1000 Liters

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