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Auto Gear Cleaner


Automatic Transmission Fluid Cleaner

• Cleans internal components.
• Removes deposits of sludge, gum and varnish.
• Cleans hydraulic circuit and valves for even acceleration.
• Allows smooth shifting.
• Improves transmission fluid flow.
• Eliminates transmission malfunctions.
• Mixes with all ATF Fluids.
• To be used with MécaATC MT427 Automatic Transmission cleaner/flush equipment

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• Start engine and allow Automatic Transmission Fluid to reach normal operating temperature.
• Lift wheels to allow gear shifting.
• We recommend using the MécaATC ( MT427) equipment.
• Add MécaTech Auto Gear Cleaner and allow circulating approx. 15 minutes while shifting gears (All gears, especially Drive and Reverse), at least 10 times, leaving each gear for several seconds.
• In absence of an oil change machine, a road test can be carried out instead: drive at least 15 minutes using all gears and change them at least 10 times.
• Drain old transmission fluid
• Add new transmission fluid.
• Road test vehicle and recheck levels when transmission has reached operating temperature.
• For the best possible results, we recommend the use of the MécaTech fully Automatic Transmission Flush Machine MécaATC (MT427) or similar machines when exchanging fluids to ensure proper exchange of all old fluid.
 Packaging: Bottle of 300ml
 Article number: MT029