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EGR Turbo cleaner


EGR Turbo Cleaner - Nettoyant Vanne EGR & Turbo Nettoyage interne sans démontage du circuit d'admission et de recyclage des gaz d'échappement (boitier papillon, vanne EGR), du turbo et des chambres de combustions.

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Properties: Cleans without disassembly the Exhaust Gas Recycling Valve and circuit, the Turbo, the Air intake Circuit, the combustion chmabers. Dissolves gum, lacquer, soots, deposits and deposits. Restores normal operation of the engine and reduces pollution. To maintain the cleanliness of the EGR valve and turbo, we recommend to treat regularly with TC1 MécaTech® (ref: MT001 petrol and MT010 Diesel). Recommended for gasoline and Diesel vehicles. Compatible with DCP and catalysors. Professional use only.
USAGE: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Caution: refer to instruction sheet (may be find on our website www.mecatech-performances.com) for complete instructions depending on the type of engine to clean. To be used in combination with our Clean DPF Treatment (MT018) or Curative Injection Cleaner TC3 Gasoline (MT003), or TC3 Diesel (MT013). Carry out the operation in open air. Bring the engine to operating temperature - stall the engine running between 1000 and 2000 RPM idling. Disconnect the intake pipe after the air filter. Introduce the spray head. Spray the product by making brief pressures, without
long spraying, the airflow towards the turbo or the air intake. Check that each spray leads to an increase in engine rpm or stop the operation. Use half of the bottle and then stop the operation for 5 minutes. Repeat until use of the complete can. Remount the hose. Perform a test drive of at least 15 km before delivering the vehicle.