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TC1 bilugazoil


Complete treatment of Diesel Fuels: Cleans, Lubricates, Pro-cetane, demulsifying, anti-corrosion.

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Cleans, maintains clean and lubricates: injection pump, injectors, combustion chambers, valves, heads of piston. Increases the cetane index (approx. 2 pts) and improves combustion. Reduces foaming and avoids the risks of contamination by water. Protects the injection system from the risks of seizing. Reduces the fuel consumption and the emissions of black smoke. The engine is more flexible, more powerful, starts better in cold conditions. Can be Used on all atmospheric or turbocharged Diesel engines, direct or indirect injection.
Dosage: 1 litre for 1000 litres.

131001: Can of 1 liter
131005: Can of 5 liters
131030: Drum of 30 liters
131200: Drum of 200 liters