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  • Gasoline additive specifically formulated for additivation of unleaded fuels in nautical use + 5 RON octane number

  • Marine Equipment Grease spray - Anti-corrosive Calcium Grease with outstanding resistance to water environment.  

  • Special grease special type. Non-corrsive property. Water-resistant. Anti-wear and extrem pressure. Standards : Marine STM 7420B-OTAN G 460. Grade 2.

  • 5 in 1 WATER REPELLENT FLUIDCLEANER/DIELECTRIC/LUBRICANT/ANTICORROSIONPenetrates, lubricates, protects, removes water and shine – formulated without silicones

  • MULTI-PURPOSE PENETRATING OILWATER-REPELLENT RUST RELEASE AGENTMulti-uses penetrating Spray. Releases, lubricates, removes water, cleans and protects. Compatible with the majority of the plastics and paintings. Mechanics (releasing, degreasing…). Body (tar and resin removal). Electro-mechanics (cleaning of the contacts)

  • Biodegradable grease, extrême pressure, very high  performances respecting the environement protection.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items