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  • High Performance mechanical degreaser.High performances Brakes Cleaner. De-greases rapidly brakes and clutch – High output spray - Rapid evaporation without residue - Formula guaranteed without butane and acetone.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE PENETRATING OILWATER-REPELLENT RUST RELEASE AGENTMulti-uses penetrating Spray. Releases, lubricates, removes water, cleans and protects. Compatible with the majority of the plastics and paintings. Mechanics (releasing, degreasing…). Body (tar and resin removal). Electro-mechanics (cleaning of the contacts)

  • CERAMIC ASSEMBLY PASTEHIGH TEMPERATURES Ceramic assembly paste - Non-conducting White paste for the assembly of any mechanism subjected to strong temperaturesFROM -20 TO +1200°C

  • 5 in 1 WATER REPELLENT FLUIDCLEANER/DIELECTRIC/LUBRICANT/ANTICORROSIONPenetrates, lubricates, protects, removes water and shine – formulated without silicones

  • LONG-LASTING, MULTIPURPOSE EP LUBRICATINGLong life multi-purpose lubricant for all metals and plastics – lithium based.

  • Usable in food industry grease formulated with highly purified components.This formulation avoids the risk of toxicity in the event of accidental contact between the grease and food.

  • High temperatures assembly and lubrication aluminium paste -20 + 900 °C.


  • Prevents the grass , mud , dust , snow does to stick under the covers.

  • Low Viscosity Silicones Releasing agent – Surface protection and lubrication - can be use on any material.

  • High Viscosity Silicones Spray - Releasing agent - polish - clean lubrication – Can be used on all kinds of materials

  • Modified silicones treatment bearings and papers seized. Preventive and curative treatment of bearings on shaft.  

Showing 1 - 12 of 59 items