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TC2 proracing


TC2 Pro-racing Octane ultra booster rocket

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Racing Gas Treatment. Increases the octane index up to 105, according to Dosage. Raises the power and the engine output. Eliminates the phenomena of rattling and valves seats recession. Protects from the risks of seizing. Lubricates and cleans the whole injection system PETROL and the top engine. Faster rises in rpm. Increases the available torque at low and high rpm. Allows the use of unleaded std Fuels (SP95 and SP98) in the engines designed for 5 stars gasoline. Allows to obtain the maximum power of engines designed or tuned to use racing gasoline.
DOSAGE: 5 litres for 30 Litres = octane number 100/102
5 litres for 15 Litres = octane number up to 105

159005 : Can of 5 liters
159030 : Drum of 30 liters